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  • 发布者:admin  |  Data:2018/6/30  |  浏览次数:322
  • The 123RD China import and export commodity fair (i.e. Canton fair) came to an end on 5th May. According to statistics, the total number of buyers increased than 121ST, by 5.30%. World market demand is still weak due to the whole economic situation but recovering.

    203,332 overseas buyers from 214 countries and regions came and visited the 123RD Canton fair.

    Continents in proportion to the number of the purchaser from high to low in order as: Asia 55.37%; European 17.13%; American 16.44%; Africa 7.81%; Oceania 3.25%.

    The number of the top 20 countries and regions participating accounting for 61% of the total number of participants. The number of the top ten countries and regions in order as: China Hong Kong, India, the United States, South Korea, China Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Australia and Japan.

    The number of visitors we got on this Canton Fair increased a little from 118th. But the quality is also high.

    We received more than 100 cards, clients are mainly distributed in South America, the Middle East, eastern Europe, north Africa, southeast Asia and other regions.

    We got two customers already confirmed order with us. Few more customers are still under discussion. We might begin our cooperation soon. We believe that after some days, we will build cooperation with more customers.

    In total, 123rd Canton Fair is better than we thought. We will try our best to win more orders.