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    DATE: 2012-11-07

    The 112th China import and export commodity fair (Canton fair) came to an end on 4th. According to statistics, till November 3th, 188145 purchasers all over the world visited 112th Canton Fair. Reducing 10.26% than the same period last year; Export deal is $32.68 billion, 9.3% decline than the last. The Canton fair news spokesman, deputy director of the China foreign trade center LiuJianJun said, the future for quite a long time, China’s foreign trade environment is still severe, the foreign demand have not been fundamental better, trade friction is rising sharply. In order to realize our country foreign trade getting warm, we need to pay a lot of efforts.

    112th Canton fair goes in the situation of the global economic crisis's, it comes to a "double down" situation of both purchaser and volume of transaction.

    Firstly, the total number of buyers reduced

    By November 3th, 188145 overseas buyers 211 countries and regions came to the 112th Canton fair, the number of participants over the same period decreased by 10.26% than the 111th.

    Continents in proportion to the number of the purchaser from high to low in order as: Asia 101649, accounting for 54.03%; European 38590, accounting for 20.51%; American 28317, accounting for 15.05%; Africa 13362, accounting for 7.10%; Oceania is 6227, accounting for 3.31%.

    The number of the top 20 countries and regions participating is 123044, accounting for 65.4% of the total number of participants, increased by 1.97% than last year. The number of the top ten countries and regions in order as: Hong Kong, China, the United States, Russia, China Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, South Korea, Australia.

    Secondly, the international market demand is slow, volume of transaction declined

    This Canton fair goes in the background of international financial crisis deep influence continue appearing, European sovereign debt crisis continuous fermentation, the world economic recovery obvious reduction, the international market decline in demand, trade protectionism aggravate "the severe situation of the host.

    By November 3,, the Canton fair export clinch a deal as $32.68 billion, 9.3% decline than the last. The main features are as follows:

    To traditional market such as Europe and the United States, the decline is significant; to emerging market, the decline is smaller. Under the influence of the debt crisis, the United States economic recovery lack of power and influence sino-japanese relations, the deal to European Union, the United States and Japan goes down 10.5%, 9.4% and 36.6%. Deal with emerging markets goes down not too much. Drop of deals with ASEAN, and BRIC is 7.9%, 5.7% and 0.7% respectively, are less than total drop. The deals with Austrilian increases 0.4%.

    Our gain from this Canton Fair is also not so good as usual. But due to less competition, fair effect of our company is much better than other companies around.

    We received a total number of 82 cards, clients are mainly distributed in South America, the Middle East, eastern Europe, north Africa, southeast Asia and other regions. Card efficient probably 40% or so, other potential customers accounted for 20%.

    We got one customer closed a deal with us on the Fair. And one customer from Russia visited our factory after the Fair. We might begin our cooperation soon. I believe that after some days, we will build cooperation with more customers.

    Through the talking with the leadership of Dongguan foreign trade promotion center, we heard that most companies in Dongguan are facing difficulties in exporting this year.

    Orders continue to decrease, the international market whole sag, the world economy picking up expectations are not clear. Together with the RMB appreciation recent increased, foreign trade is getting more and more severe. Most firms think that the world economy picking up should be around 2014 the earliest.

    According this situation, promoting center leadership gave the advice as developing emerging markets, open up new sales channels. But at the same time to prevent emerging market foreign trade risk in order not to suffer loss.

    We will actively implement promotion center leadership’s advice, and to intensify the development of emerging markets for our products sales. We will do our best to get through this foreign trade winter.